Am I seriously Considering Adult Braces?

Ok – I have a pretty big milestone b-day coming.  It’s big to me at least. In a month, I’m turning 35.  One thing I have always hated about myself (which I try very hard not to do) is my teeth.  Here is a great example why:

What to wear to an amusement park

Yep an otherwise adorable shot of me happy at Disneyland but my teeth steal the show. Or at least to me it does. So, my husband just got this great job with amazing benefits. One of them is that his dental plan includes adult orthodontia. It felt like this was my sign. It is either now or never. I have always had the complaint it is too expensive. Well, now it is time to either get them fixed or promise myself to NEVER complain about my teeth again. Some of my most beautiful friends who have great smiles have had to get Invisalign to straighten out their teeth and they look amazing. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I can live with Invisalign!

I booked my appointment with the Ortho and he says, “Invisalign will get you straight teeth, but it won’t be perfect and I’m limited in what I can do. Oh, and it will cost $2,000+ more than having clear braces.”

He said, “What?”  Invisialign is more expensive AND less effective. Now, I’m faced with a tough choice. The only reason to get them is out of vanity. He said both Invisalign and braces will go for 18 months.  Did I mention that my blog is called Functional Fashionista? I think I like to make sure I look my best.  And all I can imagine is that I’m going to end up looking like this!

Adult Braces

And that was a photo taken from an Ortho off the web promoting how great clear braces can be!

But then I remembered that the other half of my blog name, “Functional.” And $2,000 for a less effective solution is not a practical choice either.  So, I dug deeper. There is a device out there called AcceleDent. It is supposed to help ease the pain as well as make the braces work faster. I don’t have an actual estimate (I will provide that later), but I found some sites that quoted it at about $1000. Now, this seems like it is worth looking into.  AND it will still be cheaper than Invisalign option. Plus, if my Ortho prescribes it, I can use my HSA towards it.

The last thing to kind of seal my fate was an image I found this morning.  Now, I’m from Rhode Island, but I lived a lot of my life in Virginia. I always kept my “Northern Roots” but I will say this, some how, some way, I became a huge country music fan. I LOVE IT!  I’m not a celebrity stalker – usually. But I just love the stories in the songs.  So, another sign, for me at least, is that Faith Hill at 45 was rocking braces back in 2012 and 2013. I had no idea she was doing that! And I know her teeth are way more bleached than mine ever will be, but if someone who’s whole career is about image can get adult braces, then maybe I can too?

Faith Hill Adult Braces


I still need to think about this, but I’m leaning more towards braces. What are your thoughts? Would you still choose Invisalign?

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