Finding the Perfect Bra

You see on my advice pages where I talk about dressing for your body.  I have a very short torso. So a necessity for me is the “push up” bra. That brings my chest up higher giving the illusion I have almost a normal sized torso.  However, most push-up bras have snug bands around the back – creating the every beautiful “back bulge”, or the muffin top’s evil cousin. And it doesn’t matter how amazing your body is, these tight bra bands will make you end up looking like this:

creating the muffin tops evil cousinSo, a few years ago I found Spanx and their Bra-llelujah brand of bras!  The only problem was there was only a regular style and a racerback style. It was a brand new product at the time.  But – hot damn, it worked!

Spanx Bra-llelujah works to remove back bulge

So to avoid the back bulge, I chose this bra instead of a push up.  But – Spanx has increased their line of these amazing bras! There are a ton of options and one of them was a Demi Push-UP! I was singing Hallelujah for sure!

Spanx Demi Push-Up Bra-llelujahNow my torso looks longer, my chest is perkier and my back – smooth as ever.

(The last two pictures are not me – so you are going to have to take my word for it.  They are courtesy of Spanx’s website. I just don’t feel comfortable putting myself out there in my bra on the Internet.  I mean we are friends and all, but I’m just not that type of lady. But if you buy me chocolate, we’ll see!)

Have any favorite bras? I feel like I’ve found my bra for life, but if there is something better out there, let me know!


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