What to Wear for St. Patrick’s Day?

This post is set to the premise you are doing something casual.

Casual outfit for St. Patty's Day


Here is my suggestion – but these outfits are mere guidelines.  It is important to see the elements that make up these outfits.

First off, it has functional flats, so you can walk around. A jacket and scarf, b/c it’s March and of course feel free to add gloves, hats, tights that coordinate as well.  Lastly, look at the colors. If you have cool tones, kelly green is one of your staple colors and then adding white, blues and grays are such a natural fit and result in a very pretty combination. Although this may go against your natural inclination, the play on patterns here works. But the secret to why it works is because there are colors that overlap. This scarf has white as well as the dress and the jacket helps provide some separation.

If you have warm tones, this is a bit more tricky.  Kelly green is not your color, you thrive in beautiful olives and deep forest greens. So, you can “skirt” around this buy having a colorful dress that has warm tones mixed in.  Then your accessories should match or compliment those warm tones in the dress – especially in items that are closest to your face. This light tan bomber jacket is a perfect solution. So is this cute patterned scarf.

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